Essay schools no longer safe

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Essay schools no longer safe

A major concern in the topic of teaching sexual education in schools is that it will cause an increase in sexual behavior.

By choosing not to educate our youth about the safe practices they will become more vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and personal angst.

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Puberty alone is a confusing enough time for teens, without having to deal with the pressures of sex. If we properly address the changes they will go through early on, we will have a better chance of changing the patterns of poorly taught sex education from the previous years.

It will not be us exposing them to dangers, but the ways to avoid the dangers associated with sex. Most people feel that abstinence education is the best Essay schools no longer safe for students.

These programs have the good intentions of persuading teens to wait until they are married before having sex, but abstinence-only education has not achieved this goal and are flawed by the biased and distorted perspective they promote.

Whether you like it or not, teenagers are going to have sex. And these are only the kids who admit it. This is a crisis we are having within our youth, and it is not going to get any better by denying them the proper knowledge about sexual acts. While we assume we are helping them by sheltering their minds, they are being exposed to free pornography sites with no age requirement, facebook, twitter, instagram and many more social media sites that allow graphic sexual images and videos to go viral daily.

The abstinence-only programs are biased in saying that they are the most effective when evidence shows they have a hidden agenda for which students they cater to.

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It is honestly hard to fathom how a program that promotes their being built on values of bettering children, teach from such a distorted view? In a regular sex education class, the only thing being taught is safety steps teens need to take if they are considering having sex; like most are.

There should never be a classification of who can be taught in school. If we entrust teachers to educate our children and they will only if they meet a certain criteria, why is such a program even being considered helpful.

Essay schools no longer safe

It is practically impossible to say abstinence-only should be the primary way to teach sex education, when they are more confusing than children educating themselves on the subject.

If we want to save our youth from making poor decisions, we have to stand up and acknowledge that there is a problem. Sex education should not just be taught, it should be mandatory in all schools around the world, regardless of religion, or permission; neither will matter if your child becomes pregnant or infected with and STD or STI.

Learning about sex in a safe environment with people who they see daily and are taught to trust can only be beneficial for all parties. In an ideal world, maybe everyone would wait until marriage to have sex, and would remain in a monogamous relationship; but the cold reality is, trying to teach teens this method and expecting good results is not reasonable.

Students No Longer Feel Safe in School

After ten years and half of a billion dollars, in federal funding, abstinence-only programs have not had a positive impact on the sexual behavior of teenagers. Sex education is a very sensitive subject, particularly as students are nearing or undergoing the turbulent years of puberty.

However, those who oppose sex education must realize that it is the wishes of no school to encourage sexual activity in students. In an age where sex is becoming more and more recognized as an acceptable form of entertainment, the time is now for us to step in and take control of teaching our youth the proper way to handle sexual pressures.

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Schools Are No Longer Safe

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Essay schools no longer safe

Schools have always been a safe haven environment for children to learn and feel important. If we bring guns into the equation schools will no longer be the same. If anything schools will begin to feel like a prison.

In today’s society there is a lot of controversy over whether or not sex education should be taught in public schools. A major concern in the topic of teaching sexual education in schools is that it will cause an increase in sexual behavior.

There was a research project assigned to me this year, and while I was brainstorming what to write about, I saw a news broadcast about school violence in Korea.

A school provides shelter from external threats such as drug dealers and thugs. Sometimes schools are safer than the child’s home.

It could be that the child’s parents are drunkards or that the child’s home does not provide protection against the elements such as harsh sunlight or heavy storms.

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