Fire and ice

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Fire and ice

Visually, that works well for some sequences and rather lousy for others. Either way, the plot fits on a stamp and the characters could have used a little more clothes.

Fire and ice

This version of that genre might be the absolute best on film period. Nothing else even comes close to capturing the ominous feel of it. Kudos to all involved, especially surprise!

Fire and ice

Gerry Fire and ice and Roy Thomas, co-helming the typewriting duties. Another brilliant Bakshi rotoscope animation which looks even better and more fluid than his famous Lord of the Rings film. The plot is basic and the whole thing plays out a little too quickly 1h 18min but the direct and simple fairytale approach really seems to work well despite being silly.

The look of the film is like LOTR in design and colour schemes, its vibrant in places, eerie in others and shows nice clear details throughout.

It does feel like there could be much more to see in this world, you just wanna see it expand further with more creatures and adventures. As said the film is kinda limited and short, a sequel would of been just the ticket.

His approach has been refined as has the animators skills and techniques. Again like LOTR the voice work is great and really makes the whole thing more than just a cartoon. The rotoscoping is much better and looks more realistic quite eerie actuallythe film is much more adult in style and action, plenty of blood and killing.

This is great fun and could really be a decent adult fantasy live action film if made correctly, but I stress ADULT only. Teegra must be running around in her skimpy thong and straddling a Pterodactyl if this is gonna work for live action.

A real sense of many barbarian fantasy films from back in the day including a taste of He-Man, of course Conan is more evident over everything else.

I consider him the Stanley Kubrick of animated films. What I mean by that is the supposed freedom he had to make pretty much whatever he wanted containing whatever content he felt was necessary for it, AND that the studios supported it.

So yeah, I find it fascinating. Fire and Ice is probably a bit more tame compared to films like Heavy Traffic and Coonskin. Having said all that, it still works.Filmed under the working title Sword and the Sorcery, Fire and Ice is one of the best of Ralph Bakshi'sCategory: Action & Adventure, Animation, Cult Movies, Science Fiction & Fantasy.

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